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Saturday, 02.08.2014

Welcome to the ufaFabrik Berlin
International Center for Culture and Ecology

18.566 square meter cultural oasis
...for relaxation and conversation
...for active recreational activities for kids, youth and adults
...for civic and social engagement
...for international encounters and artistic experiments
...for festivals, conventions, world music, and multimedia events
...for sustainable development and ecological demonstrations
...for creative confections, gastronomy and hospitality

On these pages you will find information, courses and details about programs, offers and initiatives in and around the ufaFabrik:

Treat yourself to an adventure and visit the ufaFabrik!

Creative strategies of sustainability 2013
2nd Forum

Kiezgeschichten – Ein echt Berliner Mix

"Mit Michael Hatzius, „Die Echse“, Archie Clapp und Birgit Breuer"
We-Sa 30.7.-2.8.


"Im Rausch der Heiterkeit"
Th+Fr 7.-8.8.

ufAir - mit Okta Logue, Jonathan Kluth, Trümmer, Elenka & Combings

"Freiluftmusikfestival in der ufaFabrik"
Sa. 9.8.

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