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Ecology and sustainable development
From the first experiments to a professional Center for urban sustainable development

1976Food- Co-op as a predecessor of the ufa`s Natural Foods Store, "You are what you eat".
1978Six week environmental festival at the Deutschlandhalle, "Umdenken, Umschwenken" ("think again - turn around"), solar showers, composting toilets, windmills, discussions about life style etc.
June 9,1979Peaceful re-activation of the premises of the abandoned UFA-Film studios in Berlin Tempelhof.
1979 - 1982First co-generation system for electricity and heating at the ufafabrik, 30 kW/el, 60 kW/th (Mao-Diesel)
since 1980Building of green roofs (so far over 4,000qm ) and landscaping of the facades.
1994Environmentally friendly local generation of electricity with a state of-the-art gas-run co-generation system(BHKW), 84 kW/el, 180 kW/th. heat generated by the motors and captured from emissions and cooling water is used for space heating as well as to heat water.
1994Energy-saving lighting with electronic turn-off timers in the halls and offices with a 75% energy savings.
1994Rain water collection and treatment with a gravel bed with vegetation for the irrigation of the landscape and green roofs as well as for the flushing of toilets. Output:1.500 - 2.000 m3 /year
1994Trash separation and recycling, reducing waste garbage to only 10% the total as well as composting with "fast composters", composting beds and worm boxes.
1995Automation and management of heating and ventilation systems through a central computerized control system.
1995Insulation of the Eco-Exhibition building with recycled paper materials, use of mineral colors and casein paints (quark, chalk, linseed oil, Borax)
1995Wind energy installation of a 3 meter rotor and 1,000-watt-generator. Further development of a "Slit Wind-rotor" (patent Achmed Khammas) with a very high efficiency.
1996 - 1997Ecological renovation of the Café /restaurant. Bar, beer and other refrigeration of the Café-restaurant and bakery with propane. Electrical machines designed for enery conservation. Sheep`s wool and acoustic panels made of recycled materials; sound and heat-insulating windows installed. Bio-filter installation in the form of a green roof to reduce intense smells coming from the kitchen.
1996 - 1997Ecological renovation of the ufaFabrik organic bakery and confectionery, including a silo structure with an automatic flour vacuum. Refrigeration through a propane system combined with the Café. A technical bio-filter device with bark mulch reduces the intense baking oven smells.
1997The largest solar energy installation in Berlin with over 50 kWp output to the power network.
1997Living acoustic wall ("Vertikop") with organic materials for sound insulation for the Summer Garden and outdoor stage, 50m long, 5m high.
1994 - 1997Integrated infrastructure combines many environment-related measures and optimizes the ecological and economical espects of the ufaFabrik`s businesses.
1999 - 2000Solar research installation with 12 different systems (module types, tracking systems, power inverters, cell types, etc.), output 20 kWp.
1999Foundation of id22, to carry out theoretical and practical work regarding sustainable development. Preparation of the id22 Festival for Ecology, Culture and Community.
1. - 9. July 2000The ID22 Festival for Ecology, Culture and Community takes place parallel to the World Conference on the Future of Cities, "Urban 21", with seminars, conferences, presentations, workshops, children`s theater and events on the theme of sustainability, with a rally (id Parade) for cyclists, skaters and electric vehicles. Other events include the 13th international Solar Boat Race Berlin and the firt Berlin Water Parade with solar boats and music boats.
7. July 2000The first id Workshop on the concept of a sustainable development for the Tempelhof Harbour, assisted by students of City and Regional Planning from the Technical University of Berlin.
Oct. 2000Recognition of the concept for the Tempelhof Harbour redevelopment project as a leading project for sustainable development in Berlin and Brandenburg.
Nov. 2000Recognition of the conception for the Tempelhof Harbour through IZT and its project agency "Sustainable Berlin".
Jan. bis Feb. 2001Exhibit of the ideas proposed for the Tempelhof Harbour in the Tempelhof City Library.
Feb. 20012. Workshop about the Tempelhof Harbour - Harbour of Cultures, assisted by students of City and Regional Planning of the Technical University of Berlin.
1. July 20012. Harbour Festival "Harbour in View" on the area of the ufaFabrik with solar boat rides, Local Agenda 21 activities, live music, food and ecology, related exhibits, discussions, children`s program, local authoritees and a pirate Festival.
2002Founding of the non-profit organization "Harbour of Cultures e.V.".
Feb. 2002Initiation of a monthly roundtable about the Tempelhof Harbour moderated by the Tempelhof City District Office and attended by the public, investment groups, all political parties, the District Administration, the Berlin Senate Administration, and the rural Brandenburg District owners. The goal is to develop sustainable guiding principles for a concept for the future Tempelhof Harbour, as well as the conception of plans for its development.
June 30, 20023. Harbour Festival, "All on board", with Rio+10 Festival Berlin Brandenburg with solar boat rides, natural goods vendors, Local Agenda 21 activities, live music, food and ecology related exhibits from Brandenburg, Africa and Latin America. There was a children`s festival called "Fire-Earth-Air-Water", and an id parade with skaters, cyclists and electric vehicles.
Aug.26. - Sept.4, 2002The week of sustainability is organized parallel to the World summit for Sustainable Development (Rio +10) in Johannesburg with theme days and events in the ufaFabrik, as well as in Berlin and Brandenburg; organized by id22 in the ufaFabrik incooperation with the "Gruene Liga" in Berlin. Supported by the European Commission.
June 29, 20034. Harbour Festival "All Clear for Landing" including solar boats, canoes on the Canal, Local Agenda 21 activities, and international food and culture. Ecological and regional products, children`s festival.
Sept 2003The 2nd Week of Sustainability is organized in Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as in many other German and European Cities in co-operation with many partners both private and public.


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