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Dear friends of the ufaFabrik,

We agree with the statement of our European cultural network Trans Europe Halles on the current situation in Ukraine:
In solidarity with Ukraine

Cultural events:
As far as the current SARS-CoV-2 regulation of the Berlin Senate allows, we welcome you to our stage programme. We have designed it in such a way that it can be adapted as flexibly as possible to the respective situation and the hygiene regulations currently in force.  With strength and confidence, we work every day to ensure safe and lively performances!

Whatever works: Give the gift of cultural enjoyment in the form of vouchers for the coming season! In doing so, you bring joy to your loved ones and to the artists and motivate us to overcome these difficult times with hope. Donations are also welcome at any time, and we are happy to issue receipts for donations.

Whether courses at the NUSZ, the circus school or other activities: Please always enquire about what the current situation allows! It is best to call (information 030-755030) or write ( (link sends email) (link sends email)) if you want to know exactly what is on offer.

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who supported us this spring!
The ufaFabrik team

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