Quaint and cozy! Visitors to Berlin, artists, and seminar groups are welcome to stay in the comfort of the ufaFabrik guesthouse, with easy access to a nearby U-Bahn station. There are 10 rooms available which can be booked as single, double, or family.

Café Olé

Hot cafe latte and a colorful mix of classic and exotic dishes await our morning visitors beginning at 10:00 am in the Café Olé. Before and after theatre events and shows, until about 11:00 pm, drinks and snacks are available. In the summer, you can take in the breezy outdoor garden where you’ll find a quiet, child-friendly atmosphere. During this winter season we are closed on mondays!

Bakery & Shop

Since 1980, the ufaBakery has exclusively produced sustainable, organic breads, biscuits and cakes as a traditional and creative craft business.

In 2013, the LPG  took over the bakery and expanded its range of products.