Open Air Bühne im Sommer

The ufaFabrik International Culture Centre promotes the engagement in culture through exchange and education. We combine local and international cultures and thereby create a dynamic field for the participation in the arts and culture for the young and old alike.

Stage Program

Almost every day, artist come together on stage at the south Berlin venue. The program includes theatre, music, cabaret, vaudeville, dance, world music, and children’s circus and theatre. Day events, seminars, and conferences on artistic, social, and sustainability initiatives round out the offerings.

Three multifunctional stages with 90, 180, and 260 seats, as well as the summer stage with over 500 seats and concessions are available.

Promotion of youth culture

The cultural centre supports young talent, and young international productions. We provide working spaces, stage equipment, logistical support, technical know-how and “human resources” to the artists, groups and ensembles. The team at the cultural centre arranges contacts with international exchange programs, festivals, and institutions to give young artists access to the global stage.

Cultural Education

In collaboration with partners from Berlin and around the world, we carry out projects which promote the creative development and encouragement of young people. Some example are the intensive workshop weeks with Netdays Berlin and the “Fit for Life” project.

Eco Pioneer - Sustainability within Culture

Sustainability refers to taking certain responsible actions in order to preserve the environment, but for us it also includes working toward the preservation of cultural diversity and exploring new strategies for improving life and economics in the future.

Active cultural participation is a basis for our peaceful coexistence within ufaFabrik, and the promotion of culture and the arts it is a central concern for everyone here.

Sustainability has grown to become a popular idea in today’s culture, but ufaFabrik has been involved with it for decades. We have solar panels and CHPs to create energy and heating, green roofs and planted facades for insulation, and toilets which use biologically treated rainwater to flush.

In 2004, ufaFabrik received an award from the UN-Habitat for, “Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment”. Groups of visitors from around the world now come here to study how we’ve managed to successfully interweave ecology, economy, social engagement, cultural activities, and cultural education. We regularly give tours, seminars, workshops, discussions and creative events here at ufaFabrik. If you’d like to have an informational visit please write.


When not used for plays, our stages are used for practice space, workshops, and art studios. Vaudeville artists with roots in the ufaFabrik such as Tuan Le and Daniel Reinberg, the musicians in the samba band, Terra Brasilis, or the ufaFabrik Children’s Circus have come to be known far beyond the borders of ufaFabrik and even Europe. We regularly provide work and study trips for artists in cooperation with other organizations. The Artists-in-Residence projects at ufaFabrik provide the framework for creative work within the stimulating environment of the city of Berlin.

Rehearsal for the World of Tomorrow

True to the motto “Connect Global - Act Local” we maintain global exchanges with partners and institutions. The Cultural Centre is actively involved in various international cultural networks: ResArtis, IETM, Trans Europe Halles.