An Overview of ufaFabrik

Oasis of Diversity and Assembly

Gruppenfoto 2019 - Viele, aber noch längst nicht alle!

ufaFabrik is a meeting place for peace-loving people of all ages, nationalities, religions, and professions. On the 18,500 square metres of land, you’ll find several clubs, initiatives, and businesses which embrace the vision of an open, tolerant, and diverse life together - networked, sustainable, and creative.

International Culture Centre Here you’ll find a mixture of young, contemporary art and culture which welcomes guest performances, festivals, in-house productions, comedy, variety, dance, world music, children’s programs, and guest theatre artists from around the world. Two theatres, several sample studios, and an amphitheatre for summer events are available.

Café Olé - Each day families come for morning breakfast and stay for the theatre performances, and in summer, visitors can be found relaxing in the garden cafe.

Guesthouse Groups and single travelers can stay in one of the eleven individually designed rooms in the guesthouse. Although quiet and relaxing, you can still feel the pulse of the city via the nearby connection to the U-bahn.

Terra Brasilis - Several artists and musicians call ufaFabrik their artistic home including the samba band, Terra Brasilis.

The Sample Studios - Practice space for professional and amateur artists alike. There are regular workshops, especially for dance, sport, and music.

Children's Circus School One of the most active parts in all of ufaFabrik is the ufaFabrik Circus for young talents. Importance here is placed on team spirit and a fun, friendly practice and training environment.

NUSZ - Neighbourhood Centre - Here you’ll find support for a variety of social, health, and family issues as well as a range of leisure activities. Part of the organisation is a home and family care service, several kindergardens, and a school activity centre. Along with this, there’s a supervised educational farm for children on the premises.

Organic Bakery and Shop For 35 years, the ufaBakery has been baking tasty homemade bread, cakes, and pastries which are sold in health food stores and weekly markets. Since autumn 2013, the LPG Health Food Store has been in charge of its sales and operations.

Sustainable Projects

From the green roofs to the off-grid energy supply; a green oasis grows in the midst of the city. Visits to the facilities can be arranged.

Communal Living

Since 1979, a group of people from various walks of life have lived on the ufaFabrik premises.