ufaFabrik Circus

The legend has a name

Juppy mit Hund

In 1979, when ufaFabrik was just beginning, a new genre of circus was born, the ufaFabrik Circus, which was centered around vaudeville, cabaret, and music. The show "The second life of the ufa" was a pioneer in developing the current forms of vaudeville and comedy found today.

The artists came alive under the circus dome, and were able to transfer their joie de vivre to the audience.They found the perfect recipe for success: Rock music with understandable lyrics, intelligent, timely cultural jokes, and artistry without the need for absolute perfection in costume and performance (human and animal alike) coupled with a healthy dose of self-deprecation and spontaneity.

Today, the fourth generation of the legendary ufaCircus artists has taken over the stage. If you are looking for artists for galas, events, and birthday parties, write us.