Culture and Sustainability since 1976

Theaterzelt als Erholungsort

We show that resource efficiency works in event management: The event spaces and the technical systems are as optimized as possible. Energy is produced via the in-house solar panels and two combined heat and power units (CHPs) in the basement, and the lighting systems are equipped with energy-saving lightbulbs. Green roofs and lush, planted facades provide excellent insulation and improve the air quality.

Further information on green building.

For us, sustainability also includes working toward the preservation of cultural diversity and exploring new strategies for improving life and economics in the future.

Active cultural participation is a basis for our peaceful coexistence within ufaFabrik, and the promotion of culture and the arts it is a central concern for everyone here.

In 2004, ufaFabrik received an award from the UN-Habitat for, “Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment”.

Since 1979, groups of visitors from around the world have come here to study how we’ve managed to successfully interweave ecology, economy, social engagement, cultural activities, and cultural education. We regularly give tours, seminars, workshops, discussions and creative events here at ufaFabrik. If you’d like to have an informational visit please write.

More information on the seminar series, Creative Strategies for Sustainability