How it all began


The “Factory for Culture, Sport and Handcrafts” has two floors in a factory building in the Kurfürstenstraße of Schöneberg. The rooms are open to everyone interested in recreational activities, doing sports, exchanging ideas, discussing and celebrating. It is here that the first food co-op of Berlin comes into existence.


The “Factory for Culture, Sport and Handcrafts” presents a colorful circus in the arthouse Bethanien, and performs for over six weeks at the first environmental festival, “Think again, turn around” (Umdenken-Umschwenken) at the Deutschlandhalle. A mixture of various new ways of thinking about cultural representation, healthy nutrition, environmental technologies, education, meaningful work, social cohesiveness and alternative medicine are introduced. The idea of a permanent place for all of these initiatives takes shape.


The grounds of the former UFA Film studios in Tempelhof are „peacefully re-activated“ on the 9th of June. A large banner is placed at the entrance reading “Welcome” to invite all of those interested to take part and to interpret the plans of the activists for themselves: a place, where the wide range of social spheres can be brought together in a co-operative project. Through intensive public relations work it is possible within three weeks to gain permission to stay from the Berlin Senate, and in the fall comes the offer of the first lease agreement. 45 people to decide to live together in a resident community, share their income and take the chance to build their own sustainable village in the metropolis Berlin.

Extensive cleaning and renovation activities are begun. Since this time the ufaFabrik pays a monthly rent.

The main hall is set up provisionally for music, theater and circus events, and performances take place year-round. Large festivals in Berlin public spaces get attention for the creative ideas of the ufaFabrik.