Green facades

In addition to the green roofs, the ufaFabrik’s planted facades also contribute to the increased quality of life on the site.

Steel wires, attached to the facades, help the pipevine (Aristolochia macrophylla) and Lonicera caprifolium, plants that are suitable for partially shaded locations, grow tall. At the southeast side of the former film storage facility grows Wilde Wine, with leaves that change into a beautiful red color in autumn. The facades south of the exhibition venue are planted with Hydrangea petiolaris, the north side with clematis and the west side with ivy (Hedera helix). The outer walls of the warehouses are planted with hop (Humulus). Wilde Wine  and Persicaria already grew next to the Café Olé and the terrace, Wisteria was later added.

The planted facades also contribute to the improvement of the microclimate by filtering dust out of the air and protecting the façades against weathering. The ufaFabrik site has become a green oasis within the city, with a rich vegetation that offers habitat and nourishment to a large amount of (rare) species of birds and insects.