Camp Europe

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Camp Europe

For three weeks in early 2018 six international artists are living in the ufaFabrik working on the project "Camp Europe". Under the direction of Marilli Mastrantoni, the artistic director of the ENTROPIA Theatre / Athens, they will examine the conditions of camps and internment camps in various European countries and historical periods, starting from 1930 until today. Which effect does the respective political power structures have on the citizens, especially those who are under constant observation and general suspicion because of their upbringing close to crime?

Probenszene Camp EuropaThe results of the Berlin experience will be shown in a work-in-progress presentation on 31st of january. The Camp Europe Project is a series of artistic workshops in various European cities, the final results will be presented in November 2018 in Athens as an interdisciplinary performance during a political forum.


The participating theatre groups are:

ΕΝΤRΟPΙΑ – Athens, GR -
LÆRA – Taranto, Italy - 
Border Crossings – London, U.K. -
Tamasha Theatre - London, U.K. - 
ARTSCAPE - Vilnius, Lithuania –
TheaterStaat - Berlin, Germany -

Supported by the Greek ministery of Culture and Sports,
in cooperation with ufaFabrik