Archive: 5 Minutes

Haupteingang ufaFabrik
Sat. 14. December 2019
Eintritt: Free

5 minutes is a research project on the theme of recent migration flow and the impact it has on our society.
5 performers have been asked to work on 5 minutes performance each, inspired by the controversial practice of Roof-knoking (dropping non-explosive devices on the roofs of targeted civilian homes as a prior warning on imminent bombing attacks). The investigation of our work focus on this questions: what happens when you are and feel unrooted, when your home has been destroyed?
The result is an itinary performance in ufaFabrik.
The performance is meant for only 30 people at a time so we will be gratefull if can book in advance.

Supported by I-portunus, in the frame of the project Boarding pass plus by Italian Ministry of culture, and ufaFabrik
Produced by: image collective
conducted by: Carlo Massari and Davide D’Antonio
Perfomers: Hinako Matsumoto, Cristina Negucioiu. Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé, Carlo Massari and Davide D’antonio
duration: 35 min (around)